Who We Serve

Business Owners, Operators, and Clients

Global financial services capabilities.

We provide the resources you need to scale your business.

We provide you with the financial resources you need by offering consolidation of accounts under one platform while allowing unlimited account size and same-day liquidity. Our platform offers FDIC-insured business money market account options for client's excess deposits and larger capital raises, as well as operating accounts to ensure efficient transactions for daily activities. Client funds are overseen by El Capitan Advisors (El Cap), an SEC registered investment advisor, and held on the balance sheet of our core banking partner's $105+ billion balance sheet. Funds move from the client's bank/credit union to our core financial institution's balance sheet, and are held until funds need to be returned. El Cap can support clients in all 50 states and internationally.

  • No limitations on account size or number of accounts
  • FDIC-insured business money market account
  • High-yield money market accounts
  • Investment advisory and financial planning
  • 24/7 global fund movement and payments
  • Fund movement flow from financial institution to financial institution
  • International fund movement, compliance, and investment services
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Custody

  • Direct Broker Dealer Alignment

    Direct Broker Dealer Alignment
  • Escrow

  • Trust Services

    Trust Services
  • 401(k)