Who We Serve

Financial Institutions

Expand access to balance sheet and increase the platforms available to your depositors.

Scale your business for continued growth.

Our core focus is supporting banks and credit unions around the country who require access to a larger balance sheet in order to scale their depositor base. With access to our unlimited balance sheet, El Capital Advisors (El Cap) clients have no limitations on account size or number of accounts. This access provides El Cap clients the ability to hold excess balances off balance sheet with no deposit caps or fear of losing a client due to the larger client’s deposit flows and/or larger capital raises. The El Cap platform allows banks and credit unions the ability to reduce their overall deposit concentration and increase their balance sheet capacity, while offering their depositors same day liquidity for access to funds. Funds are held in yield generating Money Market accounts until funds need to be returned to the referring bank or credit union.

  • Unlimited balance sheet and cash management
  • Reduced deposit concentration
  • High-Yield money market accounts
  • Investment advisory and financial planning
  • 24/7 global fund movement and payments
  • Fund movement is from financial institution to financial institution
  • No limitations on account size or number of accounts
  • International fund movement, compliance, and investment services
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

    Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Custody

  • Direct Broker Dealer Alignment

    Direct Broker Dealer Alignment
  • Escrow

  • Trust Services

    Trust Services
  • 401(k)